Ending Voting Discrimination by Compelling Voting

By: Tom Butcher | March 17, 2023

Abstract This post proposes that Congress adopt a system of compulsory voting to address the problem of voting discrimination. Such a system would have considerable advantages over the Voting Rights Act (particularly after Shelby County and Brnovich) and over other recently proposed legislation because it would address both governmental impairment of the right to vote and also the […]

Healthcare Shortages During a Pandemic:  A Story Not Unfamiliar to Tribes

By: Clarissa Galaviz Lizarraga | March 17, 2023

Abstract Historically disadvantaged groups, like Native American tribes, faced a difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Blogpost seeks to bring attention to the difficulties Native American tribes face when accessing healthcare by focusing on the Acoma Pueblo tribe in New Mexico, which illustrates the need for better access to healthcare for Native American tribes […]

Taxing Legalized Marijuana: Equitable Options for a Marijuana Tax Scheme

By: Tamara Soleymani | February 24, 2023

Abstract The legal marijuana industry in the United States is rapidly developing, but there is little consensus or uniformity among state tax structuresfor marijuana. This Essay argues that states should adopt a weight and potency hybrid system for taxing recreational marijuana. It provides background into “vice taxes” and the unique considerations and potential goals of a […]

The Croson Effect & Its Remedies: Overcoming Racial Incompetence in Policy and People

By: Ishani Chokshi | April 28, 2022

Abstract When the Supreme Court case City of Richmond v J.A. Croson Company (1989) made it so that any use of race in any legislative policy would have to pass the strictest of scrutiny in order to be deemed constitutional, the Court effectively doomed affirmative action policies and institutionalized color-blind rhetoric (which is largely comfortable for […]